Joris du Bois (foto)
NaamJoris Bos
Genresdeephouse, funk, future house, techhouse
Joris de Bois is an 21 year old Dutch DJ with a big passion for music with an deep or underground sound, and he loves what he does best, playing music and creating a nice vibe to dance to!

When Joris de Bois plays Tech-House you will see him totally going up in his set and he wil groove with you for the whole set.
He 'd sometimes get carried away in the music and likes to throw in a few really deep tracks, but right after there's a nice Tech-House song lurking around the corner!
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Party agenda Joris du Bois
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 21 mei 2016: Coehoorn Open Stage, Coehoorn, Grave
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