The Noisemaker (foto)
NaamRiccardo Piovesan
FunctieDJ, live act
Leeftijd30 - 31
Genreselectro, experimental, techno
Riccardo was born in 1987 in Treviso, a town near Venice.
He had his first approach with electronic music at the age of 11. A simple interest turns into something more at the age of 14, when he starts performing his DJ sets. In 2007, after a few appearances at some local clubs and underground parties, he decides to turn his attention towards the construction of a Live Set, without however omitting the charm of vinyls in his DJ sets. From 2009 onwards, you can find several works on various labels under the name The Noisemaker. He is currently working with labels such as Par, M_rec, Raw Waxes, Wood n Bass, Silent Steps. In his LiveSet he brings out an hypnotic and aggressive atmosphere accompanied by acid and mental beats...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 28 mei 2016: Tresor.Klubnacht, Tresor club, Berlijn
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