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Genresafro, dancehall, electro, hip hop, kizomba
Dj Pingusso was born in Lisbon (Portugal) and he lives in Luxembourg since 2006. Rocked from an his youngest age by the music through his musician uncle, Music has always been part of his life. He started to mix when he arrived in Luxembourg! Talented and after 4 years to mix in famous night clubs in Luxembourg and eastern France (Alsace- Loraine), he is considered like one of the best DJ in Luxembourg. His fame allowed him to mix for La Fouine, Rohff, Anselmo Ralph, Nelson Freitas, Mika Mendes, Denis graça, Atim, Elji, Ricky boy and many others ... Pingusso has the merit to be able to mix HIP-HOP, Ragga, Dance-Hall, Electro-house... but also on more general music such as Kizomba, Afro-house...
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