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Genresdeephouse, techno
After a turbulent period fighting the Siberian Wolves and swimming with the Sharks Alexander's life is nowadays more then ever all about the love for music. As a DJ /(CO)Producer he focus on searching and producing the highest quality electronic music maneuvering between bright ambient lines and deep dub Techno chords. Still, Alexander's TV roots haven't left him completely when mixing he likes adding his cinematic touch.

Alexander started his music career as a creative producer at Amsterdam based SoundScape music. Late 2004 Alexander founded his own music company called Ala Kondre, which is specialised in soundscapes/sounddesign for International Channel Broadcasters including award winning Ident TV packages for pan african channel 3A Telesud,ITV, ARD, Pubieke Omroep, TVN (Poland), TRT(Turkey), Rossia national TV, Schweizer Fernsehen and many mores. Alexander also worked as a music supervisor on worldwide advertising campaigns like BMW 5 serie, Sunday Times and Fanta Tropical Splash.
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