Otto & Twister (foto)
NaamArne Van Cleemput & Jens Vertongen
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresdeephouse, future house, progressive
Otto & Twister is an all-round DJ-duo that is formed by Arne van Cleemput and Jens Vertongen. Both know each other since their childhood, sharing a lot of football experiences, their bond of friendship became stronger and stronger. The two guys discovered that they had the same taste of music. They decided to take action and started their DJ-career in January 2015. This is where they got their first bookings, it started with a private party but it escalated quickly to commercial parties. Their first gig was at 100 dagen OLVP Bornem, with an audience of over thousand people, that wasn't a bad way to start. Not much later, the bookings came in, especially in the home town Bornem...
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Party agenda Otto & Twister
Laatste optreden was op woensdag 4 mei 2016: Project X, IKON, Antwerpen
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