ANYMX (foto)
NaamAndre Martins
Genresdeephouse, techhouse, techno
Anymx born in Portugal as Andre Martins and nowadays living in The Netherlands, got struck down by the electronic music fever at a very young age.
Spending his teen years in the late nineties learning how to mix with vinyl and cd's later on.
It just wasn't quite enough for him so he decides to extend his technical skills and attends several DJ and electronic music producer courses.
Anymx already shared the stage with artists such as Alan Fitzpatrick, Uto Karem, Egbert Live, Etapp Kyle, Sandrien between many. And it doesn't stop there, more can be expected in a near future.
Think of dynamic, energetic and almost hypnotizing sounds as well can be said for his sets. Anímus knows how to catch his audience attention and taking them on an uplifting musical journey...
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