Lars Maasland (foto)
NaamLars Maasland
Lid van groepLarryKoek
Student dorms aren't the usual catalyst for great musical achievements, but this is where Mark Haaxman and Lars Maasland – better known as LarryKoek – started their own musical journey.
They literally arose in the 80's when two cute little baby boys where born somewhere in The Hague. Soaked with musical influences from these days the baby's developed rather quickly in to real music lovers.

After a few years of independent exploration, the LarryKoek duo formed in August 2014. The first eye-opening work of these two Dutchmen sparked the interest of record label Be Yourself Music and led to the release of summer anthem ''Honeybee'' on Dirty Soul records.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 4 maart 2016: Westwood's SuperFriday, Westwood, Den Haag
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