Sander May & Tom Noah (foto)
NaamSander van der Meet & Tom van Zelst
FunctieDJ, groep
Sander May, Sander van der Meet
Tom Noah, Tom van Zelst
Sander May and Tom Noah, Respectively born on 27 June 1985 and 4 September 1985, met during a techno party in the LVC, Leiden in 2003. They were both just started DJ'ing and were discussing their love and passion for music as well as their growing need to organize their own events in their hometown. Today, Sander and Tom are the proud promoters of KLIKK Music which organizes indoor and outdoor events as well as hosting a monthly radio show. As a dj-duo, Sander and Tom have played all over The Netherlands and are setting their first production steps which will see the light of day by the end of this year (2011).
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