Atriohm (foto)
NaamAleksandar Golcev
Genresambient, downtempo, psytrance
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The Atriohm project was created during the year 2003 by the brothers Leonid and Aleksandar Golcev from Skopje, Macedonia.

Both have a musical education and have been involved in various musical projects: Leonid as a keyboard player and Aleksandar as a drummer.

They discovered psytrance music back in 1996 when they got touched by the magic of that sound at a party and soon after they started at first to dj chill-Out and psy-trance and then to compose their own music.

Their sound is distinguished by the magical atmospheres created thanks to massive psychedelic twists, organic sounds, deep basses and cruising melodies.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 15 juli 2017: Space Safari, Beekse bergen, Hilvarenbeek
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