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NaamJulian Plak
Lid van groepPolygon
Genresdrumstep, dubstep, glitch
Julian Miceo Plak a.k.a daPlaque has been involved in music as long as he can remember.
His musical talent first got discovered when, at 11 years, he made his first composition with nothing more than a piano, a korg and an Akai DPS12i.
After 2 years of playing the guitar, he could no longer find inspiration in music. That's how he started exploring dancing (popping & locking and streetdance).
On discovering what he could do with FL Studio and discovering the musical style Dubstep in the beginning of 2012, he renewed his interest in music and started releasing track after track on Soundcloud. It didn't take long till he caught the interest of the Antwerp Record label Planet Scaldia.
Tractor Fuel will be his debut, out in February 2013.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 24 juni 2016: Flight Academy, Panama, Amsterdam
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