foto Breadmaker
NaamMichael Kerr
Genreshardcore, harddance
DJ Breadmaker is a name that doesn't just ring a bell when you hear it, it takes you back and makes you remember the awesome night out you had when he was DJing behind the decks.

Michael Kerr (DJ Breadmaker) is one of Brisbane's most experienced and versatile DJ. His collection of vinyls & CDs ranges from hard dance to gabber. With his DJ career spanning over a decade, he has played at countless parties around the nation.

Some of parties he's played in Brisbane are Mayhem, 3Styles, Blackout, Jenocide, Asylum, Brizcore, Rise. On top of being a regular act at these events he held residency at The Beat for 2 years and also at Rockafellas for 3 years. DJ Breadmaker's list of achievements doesn't stop here - he has made appearance in Sydney at Nox nightclub and also 3D in Melbourne.

This man also joined forces with his partner in crime TripleZero back in 2009 to form one of Brisbane's few gabber duos 'Diztored Mekanix'. Together they have held residency at Brisbane's local club night HDB (Hard Dance Brisbane) for the whole time they were operating to show the punters the harder and darker side of the dance music.

DJ Breadmaker isn't just a just a DJ, he has been producing his own music for the past few years. When he's in the studio by himself he works on his production as The Refixer creating hard, yet uplifting euro dance and when he's together with TripleZero, they produce gabber that gives punters an adrenaline rush that makes them shout out for more.

Whether DJ Breadmaker focuses on his solo career or his alias as The Refixer & Diztored Mekanix, there is no stopping for this man. Keep an eye out for this DJ if its old school or nu school - you won't be disappointed!
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