Goa Jonas (foto)
NaamJonas Kersten
DJ Goa Jonas was raised in Goa from the age of 5, 1989 onwards, thus got in contact with goa trance at a very young age, he used to love to watch the DJs playing, when he was 12 at the same time as one of his best Friends Leo K. Wafayar he Started DJ'ing, in Goa end of 95 beginning 96, Goa Jonas was taught by Danish DJ Christian, at first playing with D.A.T. Tapes of Christian on a party in North Anjuna and Shorebar then slowly building up an own D.A.T. Tape collection which he then got to use first time in 97 at one of the most famous party Locations in Goa Disco Valley, just after Sunrise at the age of 13...
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