DaVinci Code (foto)
NaamStas Marnyanski & Elmar Ivatarov
FunctieDJ, live act, groep
Spade, Elmar Ivatarov
Vibe Tribe, Stas Marnyanski
"DaVinci Code" is the brand new project from 2 very well known producers that re-unite their forces ones again and going 138bpm and lower with top notch production skills and experience and fresh breeze of creativity with their new style. Stas Marnyanski & Elmar Ivatarov are well known Artists\DJ's with over 10 years long careers with their solo projects "Spade" (Elmar) & "Vibe Tribe" (Stas) that performed in all the major events & festivals from Japan to Brazil not skipping whole Europe and rest of the globe. So far "DaVinci Code" had EP releases on "Spin Twin Records" (Activity EP & A to Z EP) both hitting #1 in top100 releases on "beatport" charts and more releases on labels such as "Iboga Records" & "Blue Tunes Records" to name a few...
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