Nelson Dior (foto)
NaamYin Yong Yung
Bedroom DJ from Amsterdam, born and raised in the Netherlands with roots in Hong Kong who had his first 30 minutes of fame primetime in the Melkweg Amsterdam in 2014.

Since then things really started to hit off in 2015 with club gigs in Club Eclipse and again in the Melkweg and as off 2015 one of the resident DJ's at San Francisco.

Resident DJ at:
  • San Francisco
  • Royal Dragon Lounge
  • King's Cross
  • Stone's Café

Before I started to DJ I was a professional dancer for 8 years, after quiting as a dancer I decided to do something else what I always wanted to do and try and that is learn to DJ and mix.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 27 april 2018: Asian Kingsday, Panama, Amsterdam
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