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During these last years, on their own, they played everywhere in Europe, released tracks on labels such as Multi function, Dub Damage and Impakt Audioz, Dj Baz & Simplistix's paths have now merged to become one new project: Baz & Simplistix. Crossing the Channel and geographic boundaries, the duo already proved to be unstoppable, playing their debut show at Dour Festival to 10.000 crazed ravers.

Their first collaborative track dropped on Murdock's Radar Records and received support from London Elektricity, who played it on the Hospital podcast, as well as other high rankers such as Rene LaVice, Joe Ford and…

They have another release scheduled with Radar, this time dropping three tracks at once, showing their versatility.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 22 december 2017: Revolt, Caves des cornillons, Luik
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