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NaamCristian Itali
FunctieDJ, live act
AliasCj Dynamo
Cristian starts moving around the music world in 1996 due to his growing passion for the electronic music. He first bought the classic dj turntables and started learning mixing technics. Suddenly he became aware of wishing more, wishing of creating his own music. So with his best friend Marco, they bought an old pc and made their first tracks by Impulse tracker. Their first demo tape was ready in few months and almost by chance it was delivered to The Stunned Guys. Max and Giangy decided to trust this duo from Rome, and after inviting them to record their tracks at the Traxtorm studio, the first releases branded Impulse Factory, "Old school man", was finally out. Since then Cristian and Marco kept producing a series of E.P. on Traxtorm collaborating with other producers of that label: Hardcore Terrorists & 3 Village, with which they released "Try to make it harder", and The Reactor & Raoul a duo from Milan with which they achieved great results. "Rock My World" and "Hardcore Will Never Die" are just some of them. One more collaboration was born when Cristian met Tommyknocker and Erick sx. They decideded to create a team called T-Factor and a new release was out: "How many more out there?". As T-Factor they produced a record on the legendary Rotterdam records, "This is our moment" and "T-Factor on the floor". Thanks to these productions the name Impulse Factory started appearing on the flyers of the best European parties. Impulse Factory had the chance to play at important events such as Masters of Hardcore and Hardcore for life in Holland, Evolution, Lake parade and Odissey in Svizzera, Hardcore Nation in Italy and many more. In 2001 a new label from the Traxtorm group was born, it's the Impulse records. Cristian and Marco menaged that label till the July 2001 when Marco decided to quit the project Impulse Factory and the menagement of the label. Cristian didn't lose heart and kept working hard for other 3 years as label manager and DJ/producer. The collaborations never end and the name Impulse Factory teamed up with other big Dutch names: Bass D & King Matthew (with which they released on Moh records) and The Masochist. The reuslts arrived soon. Great releases such as Electrica hardcore, History, The hardest, The undergorund, Raving Nightmare (official anthem of the famous Dutch party) are just some of them. The project taked off and Impulse Factory taked part in famous worlwide events: Love parade 2002 (PTP truck), Nature One, Raving Nightmare, Goliath, Traxtorm Power on tour e three performances in USA, two of them in Los Angeles and one in the well known Club Amazura in New york. In 2004 other hardcore and hardstyle projects were planned: a collaboration with Dj Randy, well-known Italian hardcore guru, "I'm furious", two hard/jumpstyle releases under a new name, Cj Dynamo, and a radio show on the web called Attack on air every on Lately Impulse Factory released on the Dutch Bionic Records with The Wishmaster and other releses and remixes together with Dj Vortex, well known pioneer of the Hardstyle sound. Still involved in new projects and ideas, Impulse Factory has been keeping evolving his sound and its soundset produced for Acces Music, the company who created the cult synth Virus, is just an example. He always found himself creating new sounds for his demanding productions. During this time he found a true passion for sound design work.
So Lenny Dee asked this talented producer and sound designer to make a exclusive collection of patches for Industrial Strenght Records to cover various styles of electronic music with his weapon of choice; the infamous Virus TI.
The result is Impulse Factory Virus Infection TI patch collection.
Stay tuned because his music will make you dance on the best European dancefloors once again... to be continued...
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