NaamSenne Van Steelandt & Ruben Van Steelandt
FunctieDJ, groep
Genreship hop, moombahton, trap
Bassick was found in February 2013, after their first gig at Higher Ground, Ruben and Senne Van Steelandt decided to continue their collaboration. Two strong individuals with both a strong taste for music, making a perfect mix between Hip Hop and Trap.They're also not afraid of throwing some next level hardstyle music inbetween. That's why the parties they host are mostly full of people dancing, fistpumping and jumping around. An ambitious duo that is determined to reach the top in their own style. After playing sets on Run The Trap (NL), 12-urenloop in Ghent and HIPHOPSTAD they gained on maturity and experience what makes them play even harder and tighter. Bassick, an absolute must see on your checklist this partyseason...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 1 januari 2016: Nieuwjaarsfuif, Togenblik, Beveren
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