NaamCinate & Huso
FunctieDJ, groep
We are Cinate and Huso. We are not human. We came from the depths of the galaxy and we have a plan.

The sound and image are our tools.

The first step in our plan was to connect us across global networks. The "Weekly Music" has been the perfect excuse. Fools !

The second step was to inseminate our virus, that is why we took the initiative to release a first single named "Grand Trap Audio", followed by a collaboration with Urbanstep on his album "Victorious", the Total Dubstep Vol.5 sample pack and the "Dune" track at Nextgen Records.

Now we are about to spread our virus throughout the galaxy. Our debut EP "Fire of Turduu" will soon make this possible. You can't stop us.

Get ready !
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