TWSTD (foto)
NaamRohan de Soet & Edgar Smits
AliasBlackBass & Eddicted (voorganger)
Genresearly hardstyle, hardstyle, raw hardstyle
The Dutch (Raw)Hardstyle duo 'TWSTD' consists out of two members, namely; Rohan de Soet (27) & Edgar Smits (28), both from Zoetermeer.

They found eachother in the end of 2007 and actually, their first meeting was music related. Edgar was already involved with the 'learn how to mix and produce' process and opened those doors for Rohan aswell.

Both already felt in love with the Harder styles and from that moment on, an interest began to grow into a passion. A passion for Hardstyle..

Over the years, things went up- and downwards for them musicwise. However, somewhere around 2013, they decided to take it all much more serious and things immediately start to go upwards again.
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