Cheaters (foto)
NaamLenka Boyd
MAthias Janmaat
Tobias Pensioen
Raul Inzaurralde
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Producer duo Mathias Janmaat (Bombay) & David Hoogerheide (Krach) teamed up with vocalist Lenka Boyd to form the edgy electro synth trio Cheaters. Combining live drums by Tobias Ponsioen (Houses) and influenced by acts such as Floating Points, Jamie XX and Caribou, their dark, organic beats will get any crowd dancing like there's no tomorrow.
Cheaters have aired on shows as 'De Wereld Draait Door', BBC 6 radio, played at notified venues throughout the Netherlands, at big festivals such as Zwarte Cross, Bevrijdingsfestival Amsterdam and PITCH, and have even been sent by the Dutch Embassy to play at Waves festival in Vienna. They've also opened for bands such as Junip, Lovers, Lucius and Austra.
Their debut EP was released in April of 2014...
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