NickBee (foto)
NaamNikolay Bogomolov
Genresdrum & bass
Back in 2001, NickBee (at just a mere ten year old boy from Dnipropetrovsk then), passed an initiation to drum&bass-cultures and as five years have passed he has become the one of the most famous drum&bass producers of Ukraine now.
By the age of 15, NickBee, with the advent of Sunchase, of Ukraine's big name d&b-artists, he actively began to explore music softwares, performing at the computer for 12-16 hours a day throughout the year. His first digital release with the American label Black Reign LTD in 2006 was a result of continuous creative search. Around the same time Atomic Club in Dnipropetrovsk had the first liveperformance of the young musician...
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