NaamSanja Bunic
Geboortedatum20 september
Genreshouse, minimal, techno
The sound of Sanja is bursting full of color and her sets are characterized by her integrative layering of rhythms.
In 2018 Sanja has joined forces with the SlapFunk crew and appeared at Amsterdam Open Air, Down The Rabbit Hole, Into the Woods and more.
Sanja's musical growth has been born out of sources such as Doornroosje, Drift, ESHU and befriended artist Roger Gerressen. Her Balkan roots and hip hop mentality add another dimension to her sound altogether. Be sure to keep an ear out, her sets are rhythmically layered, varying from breaks, house and garage. Sanja executes these effortlessly but expect flair with some minimal thrown in to make things even more interesting...
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Lekker gedraaid op DTRH in de mascotte!!