Friends in Paris (foto)
NaamKris Buckle & Jeroen De Pesse
FunctieDJ, producer, groep
David Newtron, Jeroen David De Pessmier, BelgiŽ
HerkomstBelgiŽ Verenigd Koninkrijk
The duo known as Friends In Paris reside in separate continents - Kris Buckle is London bred and living in Australia, with producer David Newtron aka Jeroen De Pessemier being Belgian born and inhabiting its capital. The former is a guitar driven singer/songwriter who has worked with members of dEUS and Vive la Fete, while recently musical directing and playing guitar with Liam Bailey who featured on *Chase and Status'* *'Blind Faith'*. David is known for being the writer, producer and frontman for The Subs, while producing for Lady Linn and The Van Jets and remixing the likes of La Roux, Chemical Brothers, Alt J and Cassius to name a few...
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