foto Lucas Benjamin
NaamLucas Benjamin
FunctieDJ, live act
AliasLu-Chi'sz (voorganger)
Geboortedatum8 augustus
Genresbreakbeat, funk, hip hop, jazz, soulful house
AffiliatieMORE Bounce
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Lucas' first encounters with music started at an early age. As the son of a DJ and musician he was automatically nourished with a broad selection of sounds. Although his true passion for music evolved when he started b-boying (breakdancing) at the age of twelve. Unifying his mind, body and soul with tribal drumbreaks, powerful horn sections and soulful vocals made him experience the true essence of jazz, soul and funk. Besides being a dancer he also had a great interest in music and its history. And so he spent hours and hours in recordstores, educating himself by analysing numerous lp's and cd's...
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