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Joe Blake - DJ, Producer & Remixer based in London UK, is fast becoming an artist to adhere to. With such a diverse musical taste, ranging from Hard Rock to Hip-Hop, Joe is not only an extremely versatile DJ but is also able to create his own records that cross genres & fuse styles. Sitting somewhere between House & Techno, Joe's music has been played & supported by DJ heavyweights the world over.

Joe's first handful of releases back in 2012, gained himself great recognition as a new artist making music. These included a 2 track EP on the legendary Bush Records as well as 3 tracks on Daniel Sanchez's Amsterdam based label, Bla Bla Music including a strong remix from India's biggest Techno DJ - Arjun Vagale.
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Laatste optreden was op dinsdag 15 mei 2018: Techno Tuesday, Melkweg, Amsterdam
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