Marvin & Guy (foto)
NaamMarvin & Guy
FunctieDJ, groep
Leeftijd5 - 6
The project Marvin & Guy (M&G) was born in 2011 from the children of two different musical generations with a shared knowledge of how to make people dance to underground sounds. The duo's foray into this journey began with an EP on the Japanese label Let's Get Lost. Side A "Town" saw such positive response upon release that the label immediately released two more of their recordings. These were followed with a remix of Eddie C's track "La Palette" for Endless Flight, commissioned by Toshiya Kawasaki of Mule Records after noticing the attention surrounding "Town." After a handful of other EPs and singles, including for Jacques Renault's label On The Prowl, Marvin & Guy started their own imprint in 2013...
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