NaamBart Den Hollander
Lid van groepDe Vliegende Hollanders
The Dutcher has found his passion in DJ-ing in 2010. He found some friends that were already in touch with DJ-ing. The Dutcher started with a small mixer and Virtual DJ so he could give it a shot. Few months later the first party came and he could make it in the line-up for 50 people, and so it began.
Many kinds of music are played by him, Electro, Techno, Drum & Bass, Minimal, House, and so on. His passion grew out and he started to produce. Track after track failed, but once he tried, The Beat started to grow and his hunger to producing grows with him.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 6 juni 2015: Frequency, Zon, Bodegraven
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