NaamSamuel Zimmermann
FunctieDJ, live act
Parandroid is the Psychedlic Trance project by Samuel Z. from munich ,germany.
Born in 1987 the multi-faceted artist who grew up in several different countries, had his first mind blowing experiences with psychedelia in 2004. The following years where marked by traveling and experimentations with programming his own mind to create art.
Shortly After imatriculating on the academy for art in munich in 2008 the project Parandroid came to life. Fascinated by the possibilities of altering our mind by sonic waves he is stuck in production-mode since then.
His style stands out with a state of the art production Level, unique ideas and to the point arrangement...
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Laatste optreden was op maandag 25 december 2017: Darkn8en 5, N8Lounge, Bonn
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