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Born in the Lushan mountains, south of the city of Jiujang with Lake Poyang is to the east and Jangtse River is to the north. Once raised there by Buddhist monks, at the age of 18 Toni Thorn left to discover the world for himself.
That could have been (or some thing like it) the way that Toni's story possibly begins. Except it isn't!!!!
There's not really that much to say about Toni. The persona created out of the moment, this DJ travels the country on his mission to entertain the crowds and give them an unforgettable night time and time again!

Toni is the type of guy that doesn't take himself too seriously, with a tendency towards positive madness...
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 15 juli 2016: Parookaville, Airport weeze, Weeze
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