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NaamRan Malka & Eyal Cohen & Gil Aizenman
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Mahamudra is a Trance/electronic project based in the south of Israel. Members are: Ran Malka(1979), Eyal Cohen(1977) and. . Their live act includes electric guitar(Yotam Peretz), vocals(Yonit Tzarfati) drums and percussion(Gili Aizenman) and of course keyboard/synth and live effects. With the release of their first album they are already marked as the rising star of the Trance scene.
Mahamudra's debut album "Reality Is Just a Myth" presents three perceptions of electronic music that is combined into one harmonic piece. Inspired by everything from Rock, Classical, jazz, 80's pop, ethnical and oriental to electronic music, Mahamudra sounds like nothing you've heard before...
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