BlackBass & Eddicted (foto)
NaamRohan de Soet & Edgar Smits
FunctieDJ, producer, groep
AliasTWSTD (opvolger)
BlackBass, Rohan de Soet, partyflock TWSTD - Rohan
Eddicted, Edgar Smits
Genresearly hardstyle, hardstyle, raw hardstyle
Both BlackBass and Eddicted started separate from eachother back in 2006 with their passion for DJ'ing and producing, before they met in the end of 2007.

After many years of several experiences in the harddance scene, they decided to combine their forces 'official' as a duo.
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Party agenda BlackBass & Eddicted
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 28 november 2015: Bass Protocol, Rodenburg, Beesd

Party agenda TWSTD (alias)
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