1NC1N (foto)
NaamGuido Koppens
Genresacid, hardcore, tekno
Vroegere namen
  • 1NC1N1F1N1C1TY, tot 1 januari 2017
A dutch techno acid producer/dj and live performer, member of the legendary Zodiak Commune and resident of the record label Zodiak Commune Records.
His styles varies from Electro, Dark Techno and Acid to the harder side of Tekno and Mental.
By starting at the age of 6 with making music in a drumband, 1NC1N never lost his connection to music.
Years later the free techno spirit changed his life.
He was touched by this unnamed atmospherical energy around all those people in front of him during his first free party.
By letting his soul speak through waves of sound, he is always looking for the perfect match of frequencies, searching and discovering....
Later on Dj Zodiak discovered his true passion and talent for this kind of electronic music...
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