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Genresdrum & bass
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Feely begins regular visits to drum & bass events around 2007 and thus became acquainted with the others as Saym et al. Who share the same passion for music and djing. From them getting the first impulse to gamble, našetří money and in 2008 he bought his first turntables and started to train as much as possible.

A year later, begins with Reprospekt crew hold regular parties for smaller clubs in Prague, while also looking for new board and sawmill mixes, as his time permits.

In late 2013, moving from turntables to CD Player, and over time add two more channels, allowing him to open the door to faster and more accurate mix, as well as trackům which was never released on vinyl.
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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 26 november 2015: Drum & Bounce, Cross club, Praag
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