NaamErnestas Sadau
WoonachtigVerenigd Koninkrijk
Travelling through music is typical of Ernestas; yesterday he sounded like
today and today he sounds like the sound of tomorrow. A decade ago,
he started to spin all, without exception, Autechre vinyl, soon jumped into
techno shoes and began moving fists of excited ravers. Foggy, culturally
rich and diverse London opened a deeper and thicker side of Ernestas,
making him serve noir jazz with a hint of psy which brought him an honest
acknowledgement from the ones who were at first skeptical about his new
style. In summer of 2012, Ernestas falls in love with loose dance, tropics
and cosmos and, through colourful waves, dives into the brightest hedonistic
house and disco.

Today, while travelling and enjoying life, he collects sugary smiles, swinging
skirts and unframed relaxation. Yesterday, he shared the stage and dawn
breaking with Apparat, Mandy, Ben Klock, Gilles Peterson, Andre Lodemann and many others
West Europe shiners. Tomorrow he will end up in some other undiscovered
land, where there is no us, but sooner or later he will bring us there with his
individual touch and sensation.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 11 mei 2018: Digital Tsunami, OT301, Amsterdam
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