The Black Marble Selection (foto)
NaamJP Lilipaly
Erik Bus
Jimmy De Kok
Malenzie McDonald
Thijs Bus
Tommy Van Berkel
Genres60s, garage
The Black Marble Selection is a Rhythm & Blues, Garage and Beat group, formed by six musically unschooled friends with a mutual passion for sixties music. The members came together spontaniously with an urge to revive the forgotten sixties sound. Think of groovy fuzz-riffs, a swinging beat and a high dose of reverb. This in combination with the singers raw voice is what creates their distinct sound. After three months of practice they played their first show, existing completely out of their own work. What started as a mess has in 2,5 years grown into a driven formation.
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Party agenda The Black Marble Selection
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 2 september 2017: De Nacht van de Kaap, Deliplein, Rotterdam
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