Farhad Mahdavi (foto)
NaamFarhad Mahdavi
FunctieDJ, producer
Genresprogressive, trance
SiteSite farhadmahdavi.com
Trance with Emotion... This is the world of Farhad Mahdavi
Most of this Iranian producer's effort is to have emotion with music! Because he believes that music is emotions, The music comes from soul and nature!
He was born in 1993 in Iran and his musical journey began during his childhood when he found a toy-keyboard. Farhad grew along music, nature and dream...
His new life started when he touched the passion of Trance, He found himself with Trance Music, Uplifting Trance with elements of Classical and Orchestral Music.
Of course all of Farhad's music comes with the energy of Trance Music. The energy with emotions of Uplifting Trance is the real energy that you can feel...
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