Impello (foto)
NaamKasper Kerpel
Leeftijd36 - 37
Genrestechhouse, techno
Kasper was Born in 1980 in Capelle a/d IJssel in the Netherlands. He started in 1995 to play some records at a friend's house on two turntables and got addicted to mixing. After not so long period, he bought himself a cd player, a turntable with pitch, a mixer and some hardcore records, so he was able to be more often busy with mixing. In a short period mixing was a part of his live.
Soon there were different kinds of music on his path. So in 1997 he bough his first techno record and a new addiction was born. In 2003 he won the first price of the Corrects DJ contest and got in contact with DOTF radio. The first Gig in a club was for real...
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