Angelo King (foto)
Genreship hop, r&b
Angelo king born on august 15th 1991, In Holland (Rotterdam). As Angelo, Alvaro,King.
When king was 8 years old he discovered his love for music,as he was playing a Mobb deep cassette over and over until the cassette broke.
That cassette is the reason why Angelo been determined to be a 'Artist" ever since. When King turned 10 he started writing his own lyrics soon after that his father brought him to the music studio he owned to be around famous award winning artist. King became inspired and start recording his own tracks in the studio. At the age of 18th Angelo king scored a top 40 hit in holland with a song called 'finally made it". he opened up shows for 'trey songs" 'soldier boy" 'Ryan leslie" 'Gyptian" and manny more...
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