Genresearly hardcore, hardcore, millennium hardcore, uptempo hardcore
The Agnoxious Rampage is a hardcore / mainstyle crew based in Munich, Germany. Since its foundation in 2009 the crew consists of MC BädA and DJ The Ingentis, who earned international reputation for their energetic Hardcore sets playing at events such as the Hardcore Chainsaw Massacre, Hardcore Infewsion, Bass Invaders, Night of Hardcore, Hell or Heaven, Coremasters or the Terrorcamp during the Nature One Festival.

As members of the Munich Terror Crew, they successfully started in 2006 to organize Hardcore events which brought the scene back to Munich and established close connections to other crews in Germany, Austria, Hungary, Switzerland and Slovakia.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 25 september 2015: Triple XXX, Bergwerk Neusiedl, Neusiedl am See
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