God Dethroned (foto)
NaamHenri & Sattler & Mike
Functiegroep, band
Leeftijd27 - 28
"Under the Sign of the Iron Cross is the second concept album about World War One. The idea of doing concept albums is an old idea for which I somehow couldn't find the right topics until a young lad named Isaac Delahaye joined our band in 2004. He happened to live in a town called Ypres in Belgium and this town once was one of the centers of war activities in World War One. Being confronted with its history and being a history freak at the same time, it all became clear to me, this was the concept I was going to use for one of our albums. "Passiondale" turned out to be quite a success and my concept was picked up and appreciated by a lot of people. I felt I had to tell more about this war...
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