NaamVala Tehranchi
Lid van groepDGM
Genresdeephouse, disco, house, techno
Starting his DJ career in Vancouver Canada, Vala built up quite the reputation in the cities underground scene by hosting small afterparties and playing alongside names such as Art Department, Lee Foss, Bondax, Leftwing & Cody and more.

His crazy character led him to the Netherlands and even though nobody truly knows what happened to him, he decided he wanted to stay.

The Canadian bastard has been busy playing some radio and festival gigs such as FRESH.FM, Lief Festival, Subcultuur, In the Cloud Festival, and Herfst alongside some prominent names in the Dutch underground such as PONY, Benny Rodriguez, Homework, Piotr & Zahn, Prunk, & William Kouam Djoko.
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