NaamMark van de Maat
Thijs Hoebers
Ron van de Kerkhof
Pepijn Senders
Functielive act, groep
What can we add to electronic music?
This question provoked the formation of Knekelhuis by Amsterdam based electronic music afficionados Mark van de Maat, Thijs Hoebers, Ron van de Kerkhof and Pepijn Senders. Although all with different backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses, we are binded by a common goal: to reach people on both a rational and visceral level by adding personality to electronic music. For us this is only feasible if we build a complete concept. This includes surprising nightlife, contrasting vinyl releases and managing our own agency with a high quality roster.
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Party agenda Knekelhuis
Laatste optreden was op zondag 18 oktober 2015: Diagonal x Knekelhuis x Morphine x Pan, Studio 80, Amsterdam
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