Digital Freakz (foto)
NaamPatrick Tijssen
Lid van groepTelussa & Tijssen
Digital Freakz (Patrick Tijssen) had, like many other DJ's, a passion for music ever since he was young. In his younger days his mind was set on becoming a DJ. When he started in 1994 (with an old turntable and a mixer) he developed a taste for good music and learned the basics. When he became 16, his dad bought him 2 technics turntables and mixer. Needless to say, every free minute he had would be spend behind the wheels of steel.
After playing at home for a while, he soon started hitting the club scene. Gig after gig passed. Four gigs in a week was basically standard for Patrick. Then, when he entered the technics DMC championships in 2004, he made it to the final and became 4th! From there, the love of creating his own music was born...
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 5 juli 2015: Unknown Festival 2015, Festivalterrein Essenlaan, Abbekerk
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