Vijay & Sofia Slatko (foto)
FunctieDJ, live act, band
Genresdeephouse, house, nu disco
Reaching more than one million of clicks per month just on Soundcloud, Vijay & Sofia Zlatko attain massive stats for an underground artist. The Belgium duet didn't steal this success! From their recent remixes to the first appearance on Tiefblau with 'Drop it Like it's Hot, the duet sail between a Nu-Disco, Deep-House dance-floor oriented to a Melodic or Tropical House music, as a journey. Like this summer 2012 in Ibiza where Vijay & Sofia decided to create this duo.
As a couple, in life and behind the decks, Vijay & Sofia, they lead the discussion on social network and on the dance-floors since 2 years, but the career of Vijay started well before, with collaborations as the like of Camilo Franco Nico Pusch or Rodriguez Jr...
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 31 juli 2016: Timeless Festival, Vélodrome, Rochefort
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