De Vosselaar (foto)
NaamJoep Vos
Leeftijd25 - 26
Genresdeephouse, early hardcore, hardcore, hardstyle, house, lounge
Joep Vos (1992), also known as DJ Vosselaar started experimenting with turntables and vinyl records when he was 15 years old. He saved up all his money to buy the needed Dj gear to practice. He booked progress fast when he started buying the black gold at legendary records store's Freaky Records and Midtown Records in Eindhoven.

After several years of improving his skills with the 'wheels of steel", he extended his collection with two CD-players and this decision opened doors for him to other music genres. With the decrease of new vinyl releases it became a necessity to make the switch to the 'wheels of plastic".

His genre varies from R&B and Hiphop all the way up to danceable Deep/Techhouse and all in between.
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