Juho Kusti (foto)
NaamJuho Kusti Karhunen
Genreshouse, techno
Started playing records as a DJ in 2001 and producing in 2012. My style lays firmly on deep house and techno rhythms and I host a weekly radioshow Deep Space Helsinki with Samuli Kemppi every Tuesday at Basso Radio FM as well as promote Deep Space Helsinki events at Kuudes Linja once every two months with guests such as Cio D'or, Peter Van Hoesen, Sendai, Shifted, Delta Funktionen, Svreca, Mike Parker, Inigo Kennedy and Donato Dozzy. Before djing I played drums and guitar in local bands so besides electronic music I'm also influenced by the likes of Sonic Youth, John Coltrane, Glenn Branca, Steve Albini and Einstuerzende Neubauten just to give you an idea of where I'm coming from.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 21 maart 2015: Reaktor, Amsterdam studio's, Amsterdam
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