NaamNick Wagemans
Genresdeephouse, techhouse, techno
No Nick Name was born as Nick Wagemans in a small town in the deep south of the Netherlands.
He started as a DJ at age 16. Together with a friend he hit the road with a roadshow playing all the big hits of the nineties. Back then it was already clear to him that dance music spoke to him the most. Even though he loved his spot at the turntables, at age 19 he decided to quit the music scene for a while to focus on work and school.
Still he could never really forget his love for music and in 2009 he decided he had to do something about it. With the music scene changing since the nineties, and the realisation that most great deejays also have to produce their own music to stand out from the crowd, he started producing his first tracks...
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