NaamGideon Duijkaerts
Leeftijd26 - 27
Genreshouse, techno
Maastricht (NL) based DJ, born in 1990, who fell in love with music ever since his music box played its first tune. While growing up Dustrial listened to several music genres. After visiting his first illegal rave in 2011, Dustrial became addicted to Techno, Tech-House, Deep-House and the underground scene in general.

Dustrial got infected with the DJ-virus in 2012, when one of his best friends gave him a Numark Mixtrack and installed Traktor on his laptop. After a year of practicing, Dustrial decided it was time for something more challenging. Nowadays Dustrial uses his beloved Pioneer CDJ-900's and a DJM-800 without his laptop / Traktor.
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