Inzeaders (foto)
NaamSteffen Reiners & Jannes Duis
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresraw hardstyle
partyflock Inzeaders (26 jun 2016)
Jannes Duis and Steffen Reiners founded together in early 2013 the DJ and producer Duo Team Zead. Just a month later they won the Hardstyle-DJ-Contest at GIGA Parc in Dülmen, Germany.
Since this victory, they played at events like "Hardstyle and Hardcore Germany", "Pumpkin Germany" and "Airbeat One 2013".

In addition they have their own Radio-Show on
Every second monday on 21:00 they present the best hardstyle-tunes under the motto "Inzeaders - From Hard To Raw".
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Nico Crossbreed
very nice guys with a good taste in music - always playing good and hard sets :)