NaamMatthijs Duijm & Gert van 't Wout
FunctieDJ, groep
Maxem, Gert van 't Wout
Noadja, Matthijs Duijm, partyflock Noadja
Genresprogressive, trance
Those who think the electronic dance scene has lost it innovation, definitely haven't heard of the brand new Spark & Shade team-up. Uniting the minds of Maxem and Noadja, their melodic sound spreads like a warm glow, adding fuel to fire with their productions, remixes and monthly 'Audio Treatment' Podcast. Their energy combined, Spark & Shade have set course to musical bliss,
all from the darker shades of progressive house to the light and airy melodic trance. If you haven't felt its impact yet, be ready.
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